Definition of Rolling

a.1.Rotating on an axis, or moving along a surface by rotation; turning over and over as if on an axis or a pivot; as, a rolling wheel or ball.
2.Moving on wheels or rollers, or as if on wheels or rollers; as, a rolling chair.
3.Having gradual, rounded undulations of surface; as, a rolling country; rolling land.
Rolling bridge
See the Note under Drawbridge.
Rolling circle of a paddle wheel
the circle described by the point whose velocity equals the velocity of the ship.
Rolling fire
(Mil.) a discharge of firearms by soldiers in line, in quick succession, and in the order in which they stand.
- J. Bourne.
Rolling friction
that resistance to motion experienced by one body rolling upon another which arises from the roughness or other quality of the surfaces in contact.
Rolling mill
a mill furnished with heavy rolls, between which heated metal is passed, to form it into sheets, rails, etc.
Rolling press
a - A machine for calendering cloth by pressure between revolving rollers
b - A printing press with a roller, used in copperplate printing.
Rolling stock
the locomotives and vehicles of a railway.
Rolling tackle
(Naut.) tackle used to steady the yards when the ship rolls heavily.
- R. H. Dana, Jr.

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