Definition of Manage

n.1.The handling or government of anything, but esp. of a horse; management; administration. See Manege.
Young men, in the conduct and manage of actions, embrace more than they can hold.
- Bacon.
Down, down I come; like glistering Phaëthon
Wanting the manage of unruly jades.
The unlucky manage of this fatal brawl.
- Shak.
v. t.1.To have under control and direction; to conduct; to guide; to administer; to treat; to handle.
[imp. & p. p. Managed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Managing .]
Long tubes are cumbersome, and scarce to be easily managed.
- Sir I. Newton.
What wars Imanage, and what wreaths I gain.
- Prior. guide by careful or delicate treatment; to wield with address; to make subservient by artful conduct; to bring around cunningly to one's plans.
It was so much his interest to manage his Protestant subjects.
- Addison.
It was not her humor to manage those over whom she had gained an ascendant.
- Bp. Hurd.
3.To train in the manege, as a horse; to exercise in graceful or artful action.
4.To treat with care; to husband.
5.To bring about; to contrive.
v. i.1.To direct affairs; to carry on business or affairs; to administer.
Leave them to manage for thee.
- Dryden.

Related Words

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