Definition of Lift

Pronunciation: lĭft
n.1.The sky; the atmosphere; the firmament.
v. t.1.To move in a direction opposite to that of gravitation; to raise; to elevate; to bring up from a lower place to a higher; to upheave; sometimes implying a continued support or holding in the higher place; - said of material things; as, to lift the foot or the hand; to lift a chair or a burden.
[imp. & p. p. Lifted; p. pr. & vb. n. Lifting.]
2.To raise, elevate, exalt, improve, in rank, condition, estimation, character, etc.; - often with up.
The Roman virtues lift up mortal man.
- Addison.
Lest, being lifted up with pride.
- 1 Tim. iii. 6.
3.To bear; to support.
4.To collect, as moneys due; to raise.
5.To steal; to carry off by theft (esp. cattle); as, to lift a drove of cattle.
He ne'er lift up his hand but conquered.
- Shak.
To lift up
to raise or elevate; in the Scriptures, specifically, to elevate upon the cross.
To lift up the eyes
To look up; to raise the eyes, as in prayer.
- John viii. 28.
To lift up the feet
to come speedily to one's relief.
- Ps. cxxi. 1.
To lift up the hand
a - To take an oath.
- Ps. lxxiv. 3.
b - To pray.
- Gen. xiv. 22.
c - To engage in duty.
- Ps. xxviii. 2.
To lift up the hand against
to rebel against; to assault; to attack; to injure; to oppress.
- Heb. xii. 12.
To lift up one's head
to cause one to be exalted or to rejoice.
- Job xxxi. 21.
To lift up the heel against
to treat with insolence or unkindness.
- Gen. xl. 13.
To lift up the voice
to cry aloud; to call out.
- John xiii.18.
v. i.1.To try to raise something; to exert the strength for raising or bearing.
Strained by lifting at a weight too heavy.
- Locke.
2.To rise; to become or appear raised or elevated; as, the fog lifts; the land lifts to a ship approaching it.
3.To steal; also, to live by theft.
n.1.Act of lifting; also, that which is lifted.
2.The space or distance through which anything is lifted; as, a long lift.
3.Help; assistance, as by lifting.
The goat gives the fox a lift.
- L'Estrange.
4.That by means of which a person or thing lifts or is lifted
5.A rise; a degree of elevation; as, the lift of a lock in canals.
6.A lift gate. See Lift gate, below.
7.(Naut.) A rope leading from the masthead to the extremity of a yard below; - used for raising or supporting the end of the yard.
8.(Mach.) One of the steps of a cone pulley.
9.(Shoemaking) A layer of leather in the heel.
10.(Horology) That portion of the vibration of a balance during which the impulse is given.
11.A brightening of the spirits; encouragement; as, the campaign workers got a lift from the President's endorsement.
Dead lift
See under Dead.
Lift bridge
a kind of drawbridge, the movable part of which is lifted, instead of being drawn aside.
- Swift.
Lift gate
a gate that is opened by lifting.
Lift hammer
See Tilt hammer.
Lift lock
a canal lock.
Lift pump
a lifting pump.
Lift tenter
(Windmills) a governor for regulating the speed by adjusting the sails, or for adjusting the action of grinding machinery according to the speed.
Lift wall
(Canal Lock) the cross wall at the head of the lock.

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