Definition of Pop

Pronunciation: pǒpt
n.1.A small, sharp, quick explosive sound or report; as, to go off with a pop.
2.A nonalcoholic carbonated beverage; - so called because it expels the cork with a pop from the bottle containing it; as, ginger pop; lemon pop, etc.
3.(Zool.) The European redwing.
Pop corn
a - Corn, or maize, of peculiar excellence for popping; especially, a kind the grains of which are small and compact
b - Popped corn; corn which has been popped.
v. i.1.To make a pop, or sharp, quick sound; as, the muskets popped away on all sides.
[imp. & p. p. Popped (pǒpt); p. pr. & vb. n. Popping.]
2.To enter, or issue forth, with a quick, sudden movement; to move from place to place suddenly; to dart; - with in, out, upon, off, etc.
He that killed my king . . .
Popp'd in between the election and my hopes.
- Shak.
A trick of popping up and down every moment.
- Swift.
3.To burst open with a pop, when heated over a fire; as, this corn pops well.
v. t.1.To thrust or push suddenly; to offer suddenly; to bring suddenly and unexpectedly to notice; as, to pop one's head in at the door.
He popped a paper into his hand.
- Milton.
2.To cause to pop; to cause to burst open by heat, as grains of Indian corn; as, to pop corn or chestnuts.
3.To eat or swallow; - of food, especially snacks, in small pieces; as, he popped a whole can of peanuts while watching the movie.
To pop off
a - to thrust away, or put off promptly; as, to pop one off with a denial.
b - to make a statement, or series of statements, forcefully and in an opinionated manner; as, he popped off about his dislike of modern art.
- Locke.
To pop the question
to make an offer of marriage to a lady.
- Dickens.
adv.1.Like a pop; suddenly; unexpectedly.

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